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Johnny Manziel pro day: Texas A&M quarterback plans to throw in shoulder pads and helmet

It's Johnny Football day, and he's already making his pro day different than the others.

Sean Gardner

Count on Johnny Manziel to make his pro day different.

It wasn't enough that a former president and the current governor will both be in College Station to watch the Texas A&M quarterback work out. When scouts, general managers, head coaches and media have their eyes fixed on Manziel's throwing session, they'll be watching Manziel throw in his helmet and shoulder pads, according to Chris Mortensen.

Most quarterbacks go through their pro days in shorts and a t-shirt, but Manziel has practiced his script in his pads and helmet, so he's going to workout in them on Tuesday. One of the biggest criticisms of pro days is the fact that quarterbacks throw in shorts and a t-shirt, so Manziel is fixing that. Why the shoulder pads and helmet?

Manziel also plans to simulate pressure in his workout by having his quarterback coach, George Whitfield, chase him with a broom, according to Albert Breer of NFL Network.

Plenty of important decision makers will be there to watch Manziel. According to Ed Werder of ESPN, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly, Texans head coach Bill O'Brien, Lions head coach Jim Caldwell, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin and Raiders head coach Dennis Allen are all expected to be in attendance. Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer and Buccaneers head coach Lovie Smith are both at the pro day as well, according to Charean Williams of the Forth Worth Star-Telegram.

It sounds like Manziel's pro day is already a spectacle, and he hasn't thrown a single pass yet.