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Quotable: Bills not interested in trading C.J. Spiller, Donald Trump talking about buying team again

The Philadelphia Eagles tried to trade for C.J. Spiller and Donald Trump is super serious about buying the Buffalo Bills, apparently.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

"The Bills weren't interested in moving Spiller."

-Geoff Mosher, CSN Philly

The Philadelphia Eagles attempted to trade for Buffalo Bills running back C.J. Spiller, according to a report from Geoff Mosher of CSN Philly. The Eagles were looking to add a playmaker this offseason, but it sounds as though the Bills weren't interested in moving the 26-year-old running back, and the talks "never heightened into an offer."

Philadelphia ended up trading a fifth-round pick to the New Orleans Saints in exchange for Darren Sproles, as noted at Bleeding Green Nation. Spiller and Sproles are an awful lot alike: they're both excellent returners, they're both shifty runners and they provide several dynamics to any offense, including excellent receiving ability.

The reason trade talks are surfacing when it comes to Spiller, outside of the chance the Eagles attempted to make a deal, is the fact that he is entering the fifth year of a six-year contract. The sixth and final year of said contract can be voided by Spiller if he so chooses, so many have suggested Buffalo attempt to get some value for him in the event he plans on using the option.

"I would love to do it, and if I can do it I'm keeping it in Buffalo."

-Donald Trump

Donald Trump isn't letting the talk of him potentially buying the Buffalo Bills die down. Trump reiterated his interest in doing so on Monday, and said that he's going to "give it a heavy shot," according to Tim Graham of The Buffalo News. Trump said that if he is able to purchase the team, he'd keep it in Buffalo.

Trump cited loyalty of the fans and all of that routine as a reason to keep the team in Buffalo, but also claimed he'd do it because it's a much quicker flight to Buffalo from New York than it would be to fly to Los Angeles. Whether or not Trump actually pursues this -- he's been pretty flaky on a number of high-profile things in the past -- is anybody's guess, but nobody can dispute that the reasons given are very ... Trump-like.

"I think that's, to be honest with you, ludicrous."

-Kevin Gilbride, former Giants offensive coordinator, on Eli Manning possibly in decline

Former New York Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride isn't hopping on the "Eli Manning is in decline" train. Gilbride, asked about Manning on NBCSN's Pro Football Talk, said that there has been "no deterioration of his arm strength, there's been no lack of preparation and effort."

As noted at PFT, it probably would have been easy and convenient for Gilbride to turn on Manning. He's since been fired after 2013 was a disaster for the Giants, and he would make himself look a little better by putting it on Manning. But Gilbride said that the suggestion that Manning is in decline is "ludicrous," and that he's "going to be fine." The folks over at Big Blue View tend to think that the question needs to be asked, but they're not jumping to conclusions.

"We're still waiting on more details, but this is a step in the right direction for Kap, Patton and Lockette."

-David Fucillo, Niners Nation

There are more details emerging in the investigation regarding Colin Kaepernick, Quinton Patton and Ricardo Lockette. The specifics of what exactly occurred are still fuzzy but the more news that comes out, it seems more and more like nothing particularly bad went down. The latest reports suggest that the woman who filed the report would not leave Lockette's apartment, so the receiver called the police to get them to come get her. It's unclear what happened between Lockette and the woman, but Kaepernick, by far the biggest name in all of this, was reportedly not at the scene when that went down.

Prior to the news on Monday, all we knew was that the woman claimed to have been drinking with the players, and that she passed out and woke up at the hospital the next day. This information makes it seem as though there's no foul play -- certainly not to the level that TMZ suggested initially -- but it's still a bit foggy.

"He's a dynamic playmaker, but is he the guy you want running your offense?"

- NFL coach on Teddy Bridgewater

Here's your "wat" news of the day for Monday: an NFL coach, reportedly from the AFC North, told NFL Draft Scout's Matt Miller that Teddy Bridgewater is a lot like Willie Beamen. If you're unsure who that is, then you haven't seen Oliver Stone's Any Given Sunday. That's a film in which Jamie Foxx plays Willie Beamen, a self-absorbed, narcissistic quarterback everybody hates. It's unclear how Bridgewater is like him in any way but hey, we needed a dumb quote for the day and now we've got one.