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Mike Mayock's NFL Draft rankings: Teddy Bridgewater falls, Odell Beckham Jr. rises

The former Louisville star sees his stock continue to plummet leading into the draft.

Andy Lyons

The 2014 NFL Draft is only 10 days away and analyst Mike Mayock has released his latest set of pre-draft player rankings.

Mayock, one of the premier draft experts, periodically releases his top five players at each position. In some instances, nothing has changed. In others, there is some major shake-up. Mayock, who was drafted in the 10th round in 1981 as a defensive back out of Boston College, believes Teddy Bridgewater is no longer a first-round pick, per

"I would say in general, tape is worth about 85 percent of an overall grade, and the rest of the process is set up for red flags, and to go back and watch more tape to try to confirm what you saw or didn't see," Mayock said. "I saw about four of his tapes prior to the combine, and I really liked him. I thought he had a chance to be a franchise quarterback from what I saw on the tape. ... Except you've got to see the quarterbacks throw the ball live. I've never seen a top-level quarterback in the last 10 years have a bad pro day, until Teddy Bridgewater. He had no accuracy, the ball came out funny, the arm strength wasn't there, and it made me question everything I saw on tape because this was live.

"I went back and watched a bunch more tape and compared him to the rest of the guys in the draft," he said. "And like it or not, I've come to a conclusion -- if I was a GM in the NFL, I would not take him in the first round of the draft."

With Bridgewater taking such a large fall, others are moving up the board at the right time. Of course, Mayock's opinion is not the end-all, be-all. Like every draftnik, Mayock has been known to mess up occasionally. For example, back in 2009, he had Aaron Curry rated above Brian Orakpo and Mark Sanchez over Matthew Stafford. In 2010, he had Sergio Kindle ranked as the best outside linebacker in the draft, with some guy named NaVorro Bowman fifth.

Here's a look at the biggest changes with Mayock's draft rankings:


Pre-combine Post-combine Post-Pro Day Current
Teddy Bridgewater Bridgewater Manziel Manziel
Johnny Manziel Manziel Bortles Bortles
Blake Bortles Bortles Bridgewater Carr
Derek Carr Carr Carr Garoppolo
AJ McCarron McCarron/Garoppolo McCarron/Garoppolo Mettenberger/Bridgewater

McCarron falling out of the rankings is a bit of a surprise, with some projecting him to go in the second round. Still, the major story here is Bridgewater. The former Louisville standout has endured an incredible fall since February. He will either prove to be a massive steal or proof that pro days do matter.

Wide Receiver

Pre-combine Post-combine Post-Pro Day Current
Sammy Watkins Watkins Watkins Watkins
Marqise Lee Evans Evans Evans
Mike Evans Lee Lee Beckham
Kelvin Benjamin Cooks Cooks Cooks
Jarvis Landry Benjamin/Beckham/Landry Benjamin/Beckham/Landry Benjamin/Lee

Beckham finally sees a big jump in Mayock's evaluation. The LSU product has been almost universally pegged as a first-round pick by draft experts, and now Mayock moves him into the upper tier. Lee has fallen throughout the process as well. It likely has not helped that Lee didn't have a full year of tape in 2013 due to injury.


Pre-combine Post-combine Post-Pro Day Current
Darqueze Dennard Dennard Dennard Fuller
Justin Gilbert Gilbert Fuller Dennard
Kyle Fuler Fuller Gilbert Gilbert
Jason Verrett Roby Roby Roby
Bradley Roby Verrett Verrett Verrett

Mayock really stands out from the masses with his cornerback rankings. Most have Gilbert as the far-and-away clear choice to be the top corner off the board. Mayock is not convinced, rolling deep with Fuller out of Virginia Tech. Dennard comes in second, a quality player from Michigan State.