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NFL player logos we'd like to see

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We took the liberty of designing a few more for current and future NFL players.

The NFL's foremost personal branding expert and sometimes quarterback RGIII entered another social media niche on Sunday and unveiled his new logo, which is some kind of Adidas subsidiary.

Everyone has a brand, especially athletes, whose brands are naturally better than yours. To further assist our branded betters, we humble fans decided to submit our own logo concepts for some of our favorite players, er, brands.

Special thanks to James Dator (TM) for the outstanding work on the logos below.


Like Tony Romo himself, it's simple, humble and blank enough for the rest of the world to attach whatever it wants to his name.


Johnny Manziel is already taking the NFL world by storm. He's coming to the pros, and best of all, he's bringing Drake with him.


Yeah, it's a little obvious, but Steve Smith isn't one for subtlety.


Teddy Bridgewater's logo is sleek, with or without gloves on. Mike Mayock's already bumped him back up in his player rankings based on this alone.


Running backs are really getting the shaft in free agency this year, so it's nice to see Darren McFadden get a little bit of the designer's touch.

Okay, illustrators, designers and anyone with MS Paint on their desktop, let's see your logo ideas in the comments.