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Vince Young gets another shot in the NFL

Vince Young's NFL road will continue at least a little longer with his next shot coming in Cleveland.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a long journey back to the NFL for Vince Young, and while he's still a long way from making his first regular-season appearance since 2011, he has his foot back in the door. Young went through a minicamp workout with Cleveland and was impressive enough to earn a one-year deal from the Brownsaccording to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

Young hasn't appeared in a game since playing for the Eagles in 2011. He had offseason stints with the Buffalo Bills and Green Bay Packers, but didn't stick with either team. The opportunity with the Browns may be his best shot at getting back into the league. Cleveland has an unsettled quarterback depth chart, which could allow the 30-year-old Young to earn one of the top spots. Brian Hoyer is currently penciled in as the starter in Cleveland, but he's far from a lock to start -- or even make the roster. Alex Tanney was the only other quarterback on the team before Thursday, when the Browns signed Young and veteran Tyler Thigpen.

Most expect the Browns to draft a quarterback early next week, which would likely leave Hoyer, Young, Thigpen and Tanney competing for two spots. Young was thought to be on his supposed "last chance" before, so it's hard to definitively say this is his final opportunity, but time is certainly not on his side. Young has, however, proven he can have success in the NFL. If he can recapture that success, he could be in line for playing time in Cleveland. While it would likely only be as a placeholder for whatever rookie the Browns draft, it's an opportunity.

With less than 100 rostered quarterbacks in the NFL, backup spots are hard to get and even harder to hold on to. Young wasn't able to land a spot in his last two attempts. Maybe the third time will be the charm in Cleveland.