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NFL Draft results: Here come the kickers

As the finish line nears, teams look to solidify their special teams. Here come the kickers!

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation 2014 NFL Draft

The seventh round may not appeal to the casual football fan, but it can sure be a sweet moment for the players who have their names called.

In the seventh round on Saturday, things got a little wild. With pick No. 226, the Rams selected offensive lineman Mitchell Van Dyk from Portland State. Then came Kiero Small at No. 227, a fullback from Arkansas. A couple of kickers got in the mix next as Zach Hocker of Arkansas and Nate Freese of Boston College went back-to-back. Among some of the other players taken midway through the seventh round: UMass tight end Rob Blanchflower and Marist defensive end Terrence Fede.

A Portland State wide receiver, a fullback, two kickers, and players from UMass and Marist. Just like the experts wrote it up! Here's a look at every player taken with picks 220-235.

Pick Team Player Position School
220. Buffalo Bills (from Tampa Bay) Randell Johnson OLB Florida Atlantic
222. Jacksonville Jaguars Storm Johnson RB Central Florida
223. Minnesota Vikings Brandon Watts OLB Georgia Tech
224. Philadelphia Eagles (from Buffalo) Beau Allen DT Wisconsin
225. Minnesota Vikings (from NYG) Jabari Price CB North Carolina
226. St. Louis Rams Mitchell Van Dyk OT Portland St.
227. Seattle Seahawks (from Detroit) Kiero Small FB Arkansas
228. Washington Redskins (from Tennessee) Zach Hocker K Arkansas
229. Detroit Lions (from Dallas) Nate Freese K Boston College
230. Pittsburgh Steelers Rob Blanchflower TE UMass
231. Dallas Cowboys Ben Garnder DE


232. Indianapolis Colts (from Baltimore) Ulrick John OG Georgia State
233. New York Jets Trevor Reilly OLB Utah
234. Miami Dolphins Terrence Fede DE Marist
235. Oakland Raiders (from Arizona) Shelby Harris DE Illinois State