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NFL Draft results 2014: Lonnie Ballentine named 'Mr. Irrelevant'

Your newest Mr. Irrelevant is Lonnie Ballentine.

NFL Draft results: We have your official "Mr. Irrelevant" of the 2014 NFL Draft: Memphis safety Lonnie Ballentine. He ended up being the No. 256 overall pick after compensatory picks, taken by the Houston Texans.

Now Ballentine will be invited to partake in "Irrelevant Week," an event founded by Paul Salata, a former NFL receiver back in 1976. Salata usually announces the final pick of the NFL Draft, but he wasn't able to on Saturday. Instead, the pick was announced by Salata's daughter. Either way, Mr. Irrelevant and his family is invited to spend a week in Newport Beach, California. There's tons of events surrounding this trip, including a golf tournament, a roast of the draftee and a ceremony for the Lowsman Trophy -- a play on the Heisman.

Reaction to Picks

The Lowsman Trophy depicts a player fumbling a football, if you didn't know.

Last year, Mr. Irrelevant was South Carolina tight end Justice Cunningham, who was selected by the Indianapolis Colts. Indianapolis also had the honor of picking Mr. Irrelevant the year before, with quarterback Chandler Harnish.

By and large, Mr. Irrelevant has been something close to that throughout the history of the NFL. There's not many players who were picked last that actually turned out to be productive NFL players, but there are a few. Ryan Succop was drafted in 2009 with the final pick and has been an excellent kicker for the Chiefs. Linebacker Marty Moore played in Super Bowl XXXI, though he was primarily a backup and special teams player.

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