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Browns have tough choice to make on Josh Gordon

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The NFL's leading receiver from last season might be on the move, according to a report.

John Grieshop

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The Cleveland Browns made headlines twice during the NFL Draft, but only once intended to do so. The NFL's 2013 leading receiver in yardage, Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns, is potentially facing a suspension of up to a full season for allegedly failing a third drug test, per Peter King of Sports Illustrated.

With Cleveland trying to build a winner by Lake Erie, new general manager Ray Farmer selected quarterback Johnny Manziel with the 22nd overall pick, making him the face of the franchise moving forward. Manziel, the most polarizing player in the draft, will compete for the starting quarterback gig with incumbent Brian Hoyer.

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On Friday, only hours after drafting Manziel, word broke that Gordon had tested positive for a banned substance. If the story is true, Gordon will be facing a very lengthy suspension considering this would be his third failed test. The ban would likely be between a half-season and a full 16 games.

Trading Gordon is an option should he be put on the sidelines for another drug-related issue. Gordon, only 23 years old, would certainly have quite a market despite his off-the-field issues. The Browns already have two 2015 first-round draft picks after acquiring the Buffalo Bills' pick after trading back on Thursday.

But now he could be more problem than he’s worth, the same way the immensely talented Justin Blackmon is turning out in Jacksonville. The Browns are trying to establish a winning program, and if they can’t trust their best player, which Gordon clearly is, they’re going to have a tough decision on their hands if and when he’s suspended, and when he returns.

Gordon has two years remaining on his rookie contract, giving the Browns some time to make a decision on whether it can believe in him. King says it could be quite the debate.