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Bryant McKinnie settles strip club lawsuit with Trick Daddy's dad for $150K

The former Dolphins lineman has agreed to fork up 40 percent of the $375,000 bill a Miami strip club owner (and father of rapper Trick Daddy) says he racked up and refused to pay.

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There are a lot of us who have had a bad night at the strip club. There aren't many of us who have had $150,000 worth of bad nights.

That's the amount that former Baltimore Ravens and Miami Dolphins offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie has agreed to pay a Miami strip club owner as part of a 2012 lawsuit, according to a report by Charles "Pops" Young, the father of rapper Trick Daddy and owner of the King of Diamonds club, filed the suit two years ago, claiming McKinnie had failed to pay a massive outstanding bill he'd racked up at two of Young's strip clubs.

In fact, that $150,000 is only 40 percent of the alleged bill. Young's suit claimed the former Pro Bowler owes him a whopping $375,000.

According to Young, McKinnie ran up the bill over a 20-month period. He reportedly agreed to pay off the debt in 2010 but never did.

McKinnie, who was traded to Miami midway through last season, denied the bill back in 2012.

"What strip club gives you a $375,000 tab? It just sounds stupid to me. I've never heard of this in my life. This is bogus to me."

For whatever reason, McKinnie has decided it's legitimate enough to settle. According to court documents, McKinnie has already paid $37,000, meaning he has another $113,000 to go. It doesn't help that McKinnie, whose contract with the Dolphins expired in March, is currently a free agent.

It could be worse: Rick Ross, Diddy and Pharrell reportedly spent $1 million in a single night at a birthday bash at King of Diamonds in 2011.

Here are the official court documents:

Bryant McKinnie doc