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Jim Kelly is finished with chemotherapy

The Hall of Famer has four more radiation treatments to go.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

Former Buffalo Bills quarterback and NFL Hall of Famer Jim Kelly is done with chemotherapy, the team announced via Twitter. The announcement included a picture of Jim with his wife, Jill Kelly, and a sign that read "Last Chemo!! Thank you God!!" with the hashtag "#prayersforJK." Kelly is undergoing treatment to battle sinus cancer.

Jill Kelly also posted the picture to Instagram, saying that Jim has four more radiation treatments to go and then he's done. Once that happens, it should take some time before we know how well Kelly has responded to the treatment, but the fact that he completed it is nonetheless great news. Typically, it takes longer than a month after treatment has been finished for definitive results and a status update.

Earlier in May, Kelly filmed a video thanking fans for their overwhelming support throughout the process. He also told fans to "keep those prayers coming." His wife often has to speak for him due to the strain the treatments place on his body. Kelly's chemotherapy began in mid-April, after scheduled surgery was cancelled in late March.

Keeping Kelly's spirits high has been a point of focus for those around him. The most recent: Bills first-round rookie Sammy Watkins paid Kelly a visit in the hospital. Then, on their 18th wedding anniversay, Jill surprised Jim by walking down the hallway in her wedding dress with a sign that read "Love You More," via WHAM ABC 13.