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Jim Irsay facing 2 misdemeanor charges from March arrest, per report

The Indianapolis Colts owner was arrested on March 16 and has now been charged, per reports.

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Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay will be charged with two misdemeanors for his March arrest, according to Fox 59 in Indianapolis. Irsay was arrested on March 16 for suspicion of driving under the influence, and his two misdemeanors -- one count of operating a vehicle while intoxicated and one count of operating a vehicle with a schedule I or II controlled substance or its metabolite in the body -- reflect that.

Those substances were oxycodone and/or hydrocodone, according to the report. Irsay was "mixing medications," and had as many as five different medications in a briefcase, duffle bag and on his person. Alcohol does not seem to have played a part. Irsay was originally given four preliminary charges of felony drug possession, which did not wind up in the formal charges Friday.

Each of the charges carries a maximum penalty of 60 days in jail and a $500 fine, but it's unlikely Irsay sees maximum penalties since he is a first-time offender.

Reports made around the time of his arrest suggest he was driving erratically near Horseferry Road and Main Street in Carmel. He had trouble standing and had to be supported by officers so as not to fall down. Aside from the various medications in his vehicle, officers also reported finding $29,029 in cash. The drugs he was found with were labeled Schedule IV prescription drugs, which can include Xanax, Darvocet, Valium, Ativan and Ambien, as noted by the The Indy Star.

Irsay recently made his first public comments since his arrest prior to Indianapolis making a bid to host the 2018 Super Bowl at the spring owners meetings, but he refused to discuss his arrest. Following those meetings, commissioner Roger Goodell spoke on a number of topics, one of which was Irsay. Goodell didn't say much, but he did say that Irsay has not received any punishment from the league because the legal process has yet to play out.

Ryan Clark, a safety with the Washington Redskins, had some public comments accusing Goodell of hypocrisy for not punishing Irsay, saying that Goodell has never waited until he had "enough information." Whatever the case, this is the first report of Irsay being charged of anything, so we'll see what's coming out of the league office.