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Ravens rookie RB Lorenzo Taliaferro arrested, per report

Baltimore's fourth-round pick was charged with being drunk in public and destruction of property.

Larry French

Baltimore Ravens running back Lorenzo Taliaferro was arrested and charged with being drunk in public and destruction of property on Saturday in Williamsburg, Va., according to the Virginia Gazette.

Taliaferro and a group of people got into an argument with a taxi cab driver before the running back "gripped the window and broke it," according to the report.

Maj. Greg Riley of the Williamsburg Police Department said that officer J.A. Wagner was on patrol on Richmond Road in Williamsburg when he saw the incident take place. The report says that a group of people got into a cab, the cab "lurched forward," and then the group got out. There was "yelling and cursing among the group," per the report.

From there, the cab driver reportedly motioned to Wagner, the officer, at which point Taliaferro allegedly broke the window. The running back left the scene, but was arrested about a block away.

Taliaferro is a rookie out of Coastal Carolina, and was taken in the fourth round of the NFL Draft earlier in May. He's the fourth Ravens player to be arrested this offseason, along with running back Ray Rice, wide receiver Deonte Thompson and offensive lineman Jah Reid.