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Mike Pouncey hasn't undergone psychological testing, not a fan of the idea

The Pro Bowl center will have to do so before he sees the field in 2014.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey doesn't think he needs to undergo psychological testing, according to James Walker of ESPN. Pouncey said on Tuesday that he has yet to fulfill the NFL's requirement to see a medical professional to undergo the testing, saying he has "no clue" about when that might happen and that he doesn't "need that."

Pouncey was one of three players at the core of a bullying and harassment scandal last season. Former teammate Jonathan Martin left the Dolphins due to said bullying, an investigation was launched, and now neither Martin, Richie Incognito (the primary antagonist in all of this, per the investigation and reports) nor John Jerry, the third player named, are with the team any longer.

Only Pouncey remains. The NFL is still mulling potential punishment for the three involved, and there's no word on when that might come. But as noted, the league is asking Pouncey to undergo the psychological testing before he returns to the field. At this point, it seems likely that just going through with it will help Pouncey's chances of avoiding a significant suspension.

When asked about a potential suspension, Pouncey said, "I don't have any thought on it. That's not up to me right now. I'm just waiting to hear," according to the report. Recently, Pouncey tweeted that he's looking forward to the gifts that Ja'Wuan James, Miami's first-round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, would buy him, which certainly didn't help him from a PR standpoint.