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Roger Goodell has already punished Jim Irsay

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SMH at the NFL for denying Jim Irsay the chance to host the biggest and best party in football ... the Super Bowl.

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We're required to remind you that PFT Commenter's strong takes are presented as parody. All spelling errors are intentional, we think. -Ed.

Folks Im on record as being a big supporter of Roger Goodells NFL as anyone. I believe he will go down as "the father of the form tackle" do to his work as the inventor of Heads-Up tackling- a truly innovative football technique designed for players to literaly tackle a nother player by slamming his chest into the other players chest as hard as he can. I also truly believe that his work in the Play60 campaign has gracefully picked up where Tony Romos "Play45" initiative left off.

But I really think he dropped the ball when it comes to handing the Superbowl to Minnesota when Indianapolis was right there in the finals to get the Superbowl. Goodell robbed Jim Irsay of a wonderful story of redemption by being awarded the Superbowl after not getting arrested again since he got arrested a couple months ago.

I'm not going to judge Irsay, and neither should anyone else including the judge. He REFUSED a sobriety test that means theres literally no evidence to go on here. Let's wait until all the facts come out about why Jim Irsay had $30,000 in two laundry bags and a suitcase and 11 bottles of perscription pills and was literaly going 0 miles per hour in the middle of the street and fell down trying to complete a sobrierty test. You got to hear both sides, and "sideways" is a side,, people forget that.

Pretend your Jim Irsay making a left hand turn and close your eyes for a moment. Imagine that The NFL had awarded Indy the second Superbowl in 6 years and what a glorious story of redemption that would be. We havent seen such a comeback story since at leased Riley Cooper battling back from being secretly videotaped in a private conversation using words that other people have used.

Indy is the perfect Superbowl city because theres no distractions and very little traffic do to Jim Irsay having long since crashed the majority of the metropolises cars.

In a bit've a silver lining, Roger Goodell is waiting until he has all the information about Irsay before decided whether or not he should be punished. "Look before you leap" they always say, and Goodells staring down a cliff that makes an Irsay hangover look like a gradual drop off. Jim and his liver are larger then life,, you have to remember that this is a man who thinks the "Indy 500" is the amount of percocedts that hes got keystered at any given time, and Goodell knows to "tread lightly"- just like the tire marks Irsay left on the median when he was driving 10 mph in a 30.

People are comparing the Irsay situaton the one Ben Rothlessberger was in a couple years ago, in that Goodell decided to punish Big Ben prior to any legal charges ever being filed. This is a bit unfair because Jim Irsay only locks himself in bathrooms for hours on end. The comparison itself is not a valid one because Jim is Goodells boss, and that would just make for some awkward as heck watercooler talk at the company Christmas party next year.

Irsay: So my father left town in the middle of the night with a tractor trailer filled with cash and pain meds but you dont see the media making a big stink ou-

Goodells making the rounds and walks up

Goodell: Gentlmen. Im just making the rounds and wanted to say hello

Irsay: Speaking of rounds why dont you go get me a scotch, square.

You got to hear both sides, and "sideways" is a side,, people forget that.

And Goodell would have to do it! Smart move on Goodells part not embarassing himself and putting himself in a bad situaton like Irsay did when he fell over trying to walk upright for a policeman.

Playing the Superbowl in Minnesota is a poison pill for the NFL no offence to Jim. But the Minnesocialists have scraped together there pennies that they dont spend on reefer and health care, and I even heard they brought in there former QB Sean Salisbury because they wanted to impress the NFL with a really atractive package.

Its just a real shame that they could of brought one home for a guy whose down on his luck like Old Jim, but instead they shipped it up to Minnesota, and even I hate to admit that its ironic that Jim Irsay would vote against having a weeklong party in a city thats known for its Ice and Snow.