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Quotables: Rex Ryan confirms there's a quarterback competition

Geno Smith and Michael Vick are competing for the starting quarterback job ... depending on who you ask.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

"There is competition, there's no doubt."

-Rex Ryan, New York Jets Head Coach

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan admitted that there is, in fact, a quarterback competition going on within the team, according to Rich Cimini of ESPN New York. Ryan said "there is competition, there's no doubt," when asked about it. Second-year player Geno Smith is considered the front-runner, but that's likely due to the fact that he knows the offense.

He's competing with long-time veteran Michael Vick, even if Vick doesn't seem to think so. Vick has stated multiple times that Smith is the front-runner and that there likely isn't a true open competition. Whether that's born of him simply thinking the organization really wants to go with Smith or him just being modest, that's what the line has been thus far. On Wednesday, Vick said "Nah, it's not an open competition," echoing statements he made a week ago.

Smith struggled big time in his rookie year, completing just 55.8 percent of his passes for 3,046 yards with 12 touchdowns and 21 interceptions. He also had seven fumbles ... not much of an improvement over Mark Sanchez. Many felt the Jets could draft a quarterback high in the 2014 NFL Draft, but that didn't happen. So it will be down to Smith and Vick, if what Ryan says is true.

"Anytime there's a negative situation about yourself, it's a little embarrassing."

-T.J. Ward, Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos safety T.J. Ward said that a warrant put out for his arrest last Thursday was a "miscommunication between the police department and myself," according to the Denver Post. Ward said that he was supposed to get a "ticket or a summons," and that the situation was "blown out of proportion."

Ward was charged with misdemeanor assault and disturbing the peace after an incident outside of a strip club on May 10. Ward seems to have the situation under control going forward, but he did note that he found the situation embarrassing. "Anytime there's a negative situation about yourself, it's a little embarrassing," Ward said.

Ward joined the Broncos as a free agent this offseason after being one of the best defensive players to hit the market. He'll be a starter next season, but obviously will need to deal with these legal troubles first and foremost.

"I knew nothing about this offense besides what I could get from my playbook when they sent it to me."

-Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco organized workouts outside of the team's offseason program the past few seasons, but that's not happening this year. In an interview with the team website, Flacco explained why that didn't pan out this year, and it turns out it's due to the fact that they're learning a new offense. "The truth about it this offseason is that you couldn't meet your coaches or anything like that and it's a completely new offense," Flacco said.

Gary Kubiak, former head coach of the Houston Texans, is now the offensive coordinator in Baltimore. Smart money is on his offense being fairly complicated as offenses go, and it makes sense that Flacco wouldn't know enough about it to be able to organize the offseason workouts. The CBA prevents Flacco from discussing the playbook with Kubiak throughout this offseason. "I knew nothing about this offense besides what I could get from my playbook when they sent it to me," Flacco said.

"Our hope is they change their mind and reinstate Mr. Sullivan."

-Jason L. Harr, Attorney

A former scout for the Miami Dolphins is threatening legal action against the team, alleging his dismissal violated the Americans with Disabilities Act. Nate Sullivan, who has been a scout for 17 years, has been working from home since 2004 to help with his wife JoAnne's medical treatment, according to FOX Sports. She suffers from cystic fibrosis, and Sullivan is alleging that new general manager Dennis Hickey was unhappy with Sullivan working remotely.

Sullivan's team alleges this is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. He also alleges that the Dolphins changed the terms of their health insurance policies to specifically disallow coverage of cystic fibrosis. At this point, these are just claims by Sullivan and legal action has not yet been taken. Sullivan's attorney, Jason L. Harr, says that Sullivan wants his job back, with full healthcare benefits included.