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Teddy Bridgewater could be 'fallback option' for Bengals

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The Cincinnati Bengals could be interested in Teddy Bridgewater all the way back there at No. 24, as a "fallback option."

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals could be a possible landing spot for quarterback Teddy Bridgewateraccording to Chris Mortensen of ESPN. Bridgewater is in discussion as a "fallback option" for the Bengals, who currently have Andy Dalton at the position but have yet to commit any significant amount of money to him as the team's franchise quarterback.

Dalton has been excellent in the regular season, but has repeatedly dropped the ball in the playoffs. He's been getting worse in playoff games actually, which is obviously never a good sign. Cincinnati is hesitant to give him a big extension, but they're still not perceived as a QB-needy team, which is why Mortensen calls the Bengals a "surprise QB team."

In three seasons, Dalton has put up a 60.9 completion percentage, 11,360 yards, 80 touchdowns and 49 interceptions in the regular season. However in the postseason, he's thrown six interceptions to just one touchdown, has multiple fumbles and posted completion percentages of 56.9 and 46.7 in two of his three games (the other being 64.3, but came with three picks).

Obviously, we can't rule anything out, but we're just a few days away from the draft, which means the things we're hearing could have literally zero truth to them or they could be exactly what happens when the actual day rolls around. It's really impossible to tell if the Bengals could be in on Bridgewater at No. 24 or even if Bridgewater will be remotely close to available at that pick.

At one point, Bridgewater was discussed as a top-five pick, but his draft stock has plummeted. The thing we're not entirely sure about is why that happened and if that's only happened in the media or if it's actually happened on draft boards. We're either going to see a huge fall or the collective media will simply pretend they saw it coming when he ends up going in the top 10.

But whatever the case, Bridgewater would appear to be a good option for the Bengals if they do go in that direction. His mobility and arm strength fit the offense offensive coordinator Hue Jackson is set to run, and he should step in nicely for Dalton if necessary. It adds up that he'd fit and that the Bengals would be interested, but even with all of the talk of him falling in the draft, Bridgewater being considered a "fallback option" at No. 24 overall is almost funny given where he started in this process.