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NFL rumors: Raiders to get pressure from owner to select Derek Carr?

The Oakland Raiders may be pressured by owner Mark Davis to select quarterback Derek Carr, and other prominent rumors from Tuesday in the NFL.

The Cleveland Browns, Oakland Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars are all in need of a quarterback. That isn't up for debate by any stretch of the imagination, and all three teams could select one in the top rounds of the NFL Draft later this week.

But could the teams' owners be pressuring the front office to pull the trigger on specific quarterbacks, potentially in the first round? Raiders owner Mark Davis could be trying to push for Derek Carr, according to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports. He also mentioned Shahid Khan of the Jaguars and Jimmy Haslam of the Browns could be heavily interested in Johnny Manziel.

La Canfora suggests that Manziel ending up in Cleveland or Jacksonville "would have the owner's name all over it." This is something of a stretch, given that Manziel is already considered one of the top quarterbacks in the draft and worthy of a top-10 pick. Carr and Oakland is interesting though, as Carr is considered a pick later in the first round if he goes on Day 1 at all. La Canfora points to the D.J. Hayden selection as an example, given that the Raiders tried to trade back last year, but ultimately selected Hayden at No. 12 overall, which was a reach.

Why this makes sense

All of these teams need a quarterback, and the Raiders specifically have a history of being guided by the owner. It's a big unknown with Mark Davis at the helm, however.

Why this doesn't make sense

While the Raiders could select a quarterback, they traded for Matt Schaub this offseason for a reason.

Cleveland has another pick later in the first-round and could look to take advantage of a deep quarterback class. The same could be true of Jacksonville. So, regardless of the owner's desire, the front office might be able to explain passing on an early quarterback selection.


The likelihood that the Raiders use their pick on someone like Carr seems iffy, but it doesn't seem unlikely that Davis has a big say in things. The Jaguars very well could be enticed by Johnny Manziel and the Browns will probably select him if he is on the board when they make their first pick.

Mike Glennon could be on the block

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers could be shopping second-year quarterback Mike Glennon, according to Ian Rapoport of The Buccaneers would be looking to move Glennon in exchange for a second-round pick, particularly if the team is able to draft a quarterback they like, presumably early in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Why this makes sense

It makes sense because Lovie Smith wants to bring in his guy. He doesn't want to hitch his future in Tampa Bay on a quarterback that he didn't draft.

Why this doesn't make sense

The Buccaneers simply won't get a second-round pick for Glennon. The only leverage here seems to be the possibility that a needy team makes it out of the draft without taking a quarterback.


It's likely that the Buccaneers want this, but it's extremely unlikely a team will pay that price.

NFL Mock Draft

Lions hoping for a run on quarterbacks

The Detroit Lions are hoping to see multiple quarterbacks go in the top 10, to further their cause of getting the player they're targeting. Detroit doesn't need a quarterback, as Matthew Stafford has proven he's more than capable. But a run of quarterbacks would increase the chances of the guy they want being available at No. 10

Lions general manager Martin Mayhew said that he'd "like to see six or seven quarterbacks go in the top 10," according to a post on the official website. Obviously, that's wishful thinking, but it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility. In other words: we've seen stranger things happen in the NFL Draft.

Why this makes sense

It makes sense that the Lions would want this to happen, so they could potentially select one of the top receivers.

Why this doesn't make sense

Well, it doesn't make sense -- or seem incredibly likely -- that this would happen.


Three, maybe four, quarterbacks could be selected in the first round.

Nobody listening to Redskins about Cousins

There's been "no discussions" when it comes to trading quarterback Kirk Cousinsaccording to Mike Jones of The Washington Post. General manager Bruce Allen said that he's happy to have Cousins on the roster. This is news because it's been rumored in the past that Washington is trying to trade the backup quarterback.

In a previous report from The Washington Post, it was suggested that Washington is hoping to net a second-round pick in exchange for Cousins.

Why this makes sense

It makes sense that the Redskins want to trade him because they have Robert Griffin III and a new coaching staff. It also makes sense that nobody is interested, especially when it comes to a second-round pick.

Why this doesn't make sense

It seems incredibly unlikely that another team would give up a second-round pick. Again, we're looking at a deep draft and Cousins hasn't looked like much other than a backup at this point.


While the above scenario of a team making it through the draft without getting a serviceable quarterback is more than possible, it's just not likely with the depth at the position this year.