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2014 NFL Draft rumors: Johnny Manziel to Jaguars?

The former Heisman Trophy winner could be headed to the Sunshine State.

Ronald Martinez

The NFL Draft is coming quickly, and so are the rumors. On Wednesday morning, John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that he is hearing Texas A&M megastar Johnny Manziel might be going to the Jacksonville Jaguars with the third overall pick.

Why this makes sense

Manziel would immediately inject some life into a franchise that has been tarping off the upper deck to look more respectable on television and avoid blackouts. Currently, the Jaguars only have Chad Henne as a viable starter and they know that he is not the long-term solution.

Manziel would also be able to theoretically create some offense on his own thanks to incredible athletic gifts. Considering the lack of talent around him on the offensive side of the ball in Jacksonville, that has to be considered a plus.

Why this doesn't make sense

Jacksonville has a bevy of other needs at positions filled with less capable players than Henne. The Jaguars will likely be able to snag either linebacker Khalil Mack or defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, music to the ears of head coach Gus Bradley.

The Jaguars could also have a chance of picking a nice quarterback prospect in the second round with names like Teddy Bridgewater, Zach Mettenberger and A.J. McCarron floating around.

Likelihood (1-10): 4

This is very possible, but ultimately it will be tough for a former defensive coordinator in Bradley to pass on a talent such as Mack or Clowney. If neither is available, the thought of bringing in Manziel becomes much more attractive. Tipping the third pick 30 hours before the big night smells a little fishy.