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2014 NFL Draft: Saints trade up to No. 20 for Brandin Cooks

The Saints swapped with the Cardinals, then used the pick to hand Drew Brees another weapon.

Steve Dykes

You typically don't think of offensive playmakers as a need for New Orleans, but the Saints made a big first-round trade to grab one. The Arizona Cardinals have dealt the No. 20 overall pick of the 2014 NFL Draft to the Saints, who used that pick to draft wide receiver Brandin Cooks.

The Saints forked over the No. 27 overall pick and their third round pick (No. 91) in order to move up.

The selection of Cooks gives Drew Brees yet another weapon. The Saints' prolific offense lost wideout Lance Moore and versatile running back Darren Sproles in the offseason, so addressing that side of the ball was a focus for New Orleans coming into the draft. Cooks will create a dangerous duo with Marques Colston.

Worth noting is the Saints' swollen salary cap. After signing safety Jairus Byrd to a massive free agent contract, New Orleans has just $4.57 million in cap room to sign their draft picks and fill their roster.