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Cleveland Browns picked Johnny Manziel because a homeless guy told them to

Jimmy Haslam finally found his ideal general manager.


SB Nation 2014 NFL Draft

A winter full of pink slips left the world wondering who was running the Cleveland Browns. Local-boy-done-good Rob Chudzinski was abandoned at a truck stop in one of those AFC North states. Right after hiring Mike Pettine as his replacement, owner Jimmy Haslam sent pretend general manager Michael Lombardi packing along with Joe Banner, his yes man.

Some in the media speculated that the Three Stooges were actually in charge. Finally, we have an answer.

It's just some homeless guy. That's it.

You have to give Haslam credit here. It can't be any worse hiring a television analyst to set the draft board, can it?

The Browns have finally turned the page. It's morning in at least one slice of America.

Maybe they've already found the general manager. This guy ...