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Johnny Manziel won't apologize for partying

Johnny Manziel wants you to leave Johnny Manziel alone, you Man-zealots.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

So it has come to this: Johnny Manziel is now sick of hearing about Johnny Manziel. Addressing media at a Play 60 youth clinic as part of the NFL Rookie Symposium, the rookie quarterback was -- of course -- asked about his reputation as a partier. Manziel was unabashedly unrepentant.

"I'm not going to change for anybody,'' Manziel said, via "I'm going to enjoy my time off.''

Manziel's most recent Johnny Faux-Pas was getting caught on camera talking into a stack of money as if it were a telephone. "I can't hear you," he told a wad of green leaves made of cotton and linen. "There's too much money in my fucking hand."

This upset a lot of people from Joe Montana to Cleveland-favorite Brady Quinn (who seriously has a lot to say). Manziel responded by telling everyone, essentially, to chill:

"Nothing on the weekends that I'm doing is hopefully hurting any of my teammates in the locker room and more than anything, my teammates are getting tired of being asked about me because a low man on the totem pole,'' he said. "I'm just like any other rookie out here that they haven't been asked about a thousand times. More than anything, I think they're tired of that. They're tired of the hype, which I am as well. So I'm sitting there seeing these things and I'm tired of it as well."

Great job, you guys, we took one of the most hype-able people in the world and made him anti-hype.