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Quotables: Daryl Washington not likely to be released just yet

The Arizona Cardinals recently committed $10 million in option bonuses for the suspended linebacker.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

"One of the reasons the team won't consider releasing [Daryl Washington] is because it might no longer be entitled to keep a portion of that money."

-Ed Werder, ESPN

The Arizona Cardinals are mulling what to do with linebacker Daryl Washington, who was recently suspended by the NFL for a violation of the league's substance abuse policy. Washington will be suspended for the entirety of the 2014 season, and given that the Cardinals recently activated a $10 million option bonus on Washington's contract, the team is looking for ways to get out of having to pay it.

The problem right now is simple: the Cardinals can't release Washington outright, as it would accelerate portions of his bonus into the present salary cap, and if they release him, they "would not be entitled to recover some of the aforementioned $10 million option bonus," according to Ed Werder of ESPN.

Arizona will likely place Washington on the reserve-suspended list following the suspension.

"Still all about squishing the fish though."

-Jill Kelly

Former big-time quarterback rivals Dan Marino and Jim Kelly were anything but on Sunday. Kelly, who is battling cancer and who recently completed his scheduled slate of chemotherapy, was visited by his longtime rival, Marino, on Sunday. Kelly's wife, Jill, posted about it on Instagram, saying that they are the "best of friends," and that Marino's visit lifted Kelly's spirits. She did go on to note, however, that Kelly is still "all about squishing the fish."

Marino talked about his visit on Monday, saying that it's "hard to even understand what he's going through." Marino said that Kelly is a "tough guy," and that he's "in the fight for his life." Marino then added, "He'll win." Everyone is rooting for Kelly at this point, and more news is expected regarding the effectiveness of the chemotherapy in the next month or two.

"If I [would have] missed any games I wouldn't have got [surgery]."

-Bruce Irvin, Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks outside linebacker Bruce Irvin had hip surgery on Monday and is sidelined indefinitely. It sounds like it was a minor procedure, however, and Irvin is expected to return by training camp. Irvin took to Twitter to assuage any doubts, saying that he didn't want news of his surgery to get out, but that he's "fine." He said that he will be back by training camp.

Irvin also said that if it came down to him potentially missing any actual football games, he wouldn't have gone through with the procedure. For what it's worth, Irvin took part in practices last week and there were no reports of him getting injured. It's unclear if he knew about the issue prior to those practices or if it was caused during them, or even if that's simply when he realized it was probably something he should get done.

"In this case, the Giants decided [Will] Hill's talent was not enough to overcome continual rules violations."

-Ed Valentine, Big Blue View

The New York Giants waived safety Will Hill on Monday. Hill received his third suspension in as many years last week, for violating the league's substance abuse policy for the third consecutive season. He missed four games in both 2012 and 2013 due to his suspensions.

It's unfortunate for Hill, and also for the Giants. Hill is one of the better safeties in the league when he's actually playing. Starting 10 games last season, he played at a Pro Bowl level and the Giants were most definitely a better team with him on the field. At 24 years old, his NFL career is probably far from over, but teams are going to be hesitant to give him a big paycheck given that he's likely one strike away from a season-long ban.