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NFL has 2 sets of dates, 3 cities in mind for 2015 Draft

The league has narrowed it down to two potential dates and three potential cities for the 2015 NFL Draft.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has sent out letters to three cities -- Chicago, Los Angeles and New York -- regarding potential hosting of its 2015 NFL draft, according to Ian Rapoport of

New York's Radio City Music Hall would not be hosting the event, however. Instead, if New York were to be chosen by the league, the event would be held at Madison Square Garden. The specific venues in Chicago and Los Angeles aren't currently known. What is known, as reported by Rapoport, is that the NFL expects a decision later in the summer, and that the site must have the ability to hos a fan festival in an "adjacent outdoor/indoor space."

Interestingly, the two sets of dates reported both span four days.; April 22-April 25, and April 29-May 2. 2014's NFL Draft played out over three days, with the first round being on Day 1, the second and third rounds being on Day 2 and the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh rounds being on Day 3. But the league is all about milking the event for everything that it's worth, which could mean any number of different setups to get it to span a full four days.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has spoke about the possibility of making it a four-day event before. This is coming off a year in which we had the draft two weeks later than usual, which didn't seem to do much other than create even more rumors in a ginned-up media environment. The report suggests that both Chicago and Los Angeles have been "very aggressive in trying to get the 2015 draft," which may add some behind-the-scenes intrigue to the selection process (especially since Los Angeles is still without an NFL team).