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Quotables: Michael Crabtree concentrating on football, not beef with Richard Sherman

Michael Crabtree didn't rise to Richard Sherman's bait, and the Andre Johnson trade rumors kicked up again on Thursday.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
"I concentrate on football. It's my life. I don't have too much to prove when it comes to talking on TV. I'm a baller."

-Michael Crabtree, San Francisco 49ers

49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree isn't letting the Richard Sherman "beef" get to him, nor is he rising to Sherman's bait. Crabtree said that he doesn't "get into talking about these guys," and that he concentrates on football. "I don't have too much to prove when it comes to talking on TV," Crabtree said on ESPN, via Pro Football Talk. "I'm a baller."

Sherman recently said that he hopes to play Crabtree "every year for the rest of my career and choke him out." The "beef" began after Sherman blocked a pass intended for Crabtree at the end of last season's NFC Championship game, sealing the win for the Seahawks. Sherman talked a whole lot after that game, Crabtree responded and it was generally pretty entertaining. Crabtree isn't buying it this time, but we'll see what happens when the two meet on the field again this season.

"If an exception was ever going to be made, wouldn't Andre Johnson be the guy to make it for in this case?"

-Tim, Battle Red Blog

Andre Johnson isn't sure where he'll play in 2014, but it sounds like remaining with the Texans is the last thing he wants. Johnson has apparently made it clear to the Texans that he wants to play for another team next season, for various reasons. Some suggest it's the $1 million bonus he missed by not attending offseason workouts, but even if that plays a factor, it likely has a lot more to do with the fact that the Texans are, once again, rebuilding.

Also to come out Thursday is the report that there are four teams interested in trading for Johnson. What four teams might be interested is unclear, but Johnson would obviously benefit any team in the league at this point. Still, Houston would have more than $10 million in dead money if it releases or trades Johnson, so it's hard to imagine him going elsewhere this offseason.

"It's an overall change and vibe here, and we love it."

-Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions

Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson is the best in the league at his craft, but he hasn't come close to sniffing a Super Bowl. That doesn't mean he's not confident it will happen eventually, or even sooner rather than later. Johnson told the NFL Network, via The Detroit News, that the Lions are "definitely in a place" where they could win a Super Bowl.

Further, Johnson said that the team loves working under new head coach Jim Caldwell, saying that it's been an "overall change." Johnson says the team is more willing to go out and "bust our butts every day," for Caldwell. Jim Schwartz was in charge before Caldwell, and he was well-known for his hard-line approach to coaching. Each year, the Lions are listed among teams expected to make the next leap from decent to elite, but it never happened under Schwartz.

"And I think [Robert Griffin III] rushed himself a little bit, just because that's the way Robert is."

-Art Briles, Baylor

Robert Griffin III had a down year in 2013, and most maintain it's due to the fact that he rushed back from debilitating knee injuries. Count his former college coach, Art Briles, among those that think he should have waited a bit longer. Briles said on SiriusXM, via The Washington Post, that Griffin "rushed himself a little bit."

Briles said that he's always thought "they take a complete year to get over." It's worth noting that Briles said that Griffin wanted to rush back, rather than something along the lines of Washington rushing him back to get him ready for the start of the regular season. Throughout the whole recovery process, Griffin was adamant that he planned to start in Week 1, so Briles' words definitely hold weight.

"I know [Andy Dalton is] my guy. I don't want any other quarterback throwing me the ball."

-A.J. Green, Cincinnati Bengals

Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green doesn't want to go elsewhere, but he's not necessarily worried about that happening. He might be worried about the possibility of his quarterback, Andy Dalton, going elsewhere in the near future. Dalton has failed to get the Bengals a postseason win, and he's expecting a big contract extension before hitting the free agent market. It's unclear if the Bengals will give it to them.

But Green says he only wants Dalton throwing him passes. He said that he and Dalton came into the NFL together and that Dalton is his guy. "I don't want any other quarterback throwing me the ball," Dalton said, via "I think he feels the same way about me."