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Brian Hoyer sees the subtext in LeBron James' announcement

The Browns' current starting quarterback would like to remind everyone about an important lesson only folks in Northeast Ohio could possibly understand.

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Like everyone else in Cleveland, Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer welcomed LeBron James back to the Cavs, via Twitter. Hoyer's follow up tweet made things interesting given the quarterback situation there.

You hear that, Johnny Manziel? Just because the Browns invested a first-round pick in your unorthodox, hot take-drawing style of play, Brian Hoyer will not go quietly into the night, or even to the bench to go over game photos and playsheets with you.

Head coach Mike Pettine made it clear that Hoyer was "securely ahead" of Manziel in the QB competition during minicamp. He also noted that there would be a competition for the job in camp.

That's right, the Browns' QB battle isn't just lip service, and because this is the Browns and Pettine, we cannot rule out the possibility of starting a career backup over a first-round pick.

Hoyer's from Northeast Ohio himself, just like Manziel's good friend LeBron James. The native Northeast Ohioans and recent transplants can start earning things in two weeks when Browns open training camp.