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Ravens' Jimmy Smith arrested for disorderly conduct after incident at bar

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Smith failed to comply with police orders during an incident at a Maryland bar.

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Baltimore Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith was arrested and charged with disturbing the peace on Saturday night, becoming the fifth member of the team to be arrested this offseason. Smith was at the Greene Turtle in Towson, Maryland, and failed to follow instructions from the police, who came to help a passed-out woman Smith was with in the women's bathroom, according to the incident report (PDF).

Police arrived at the bar after the manager flagged them down and told them that a woman had passed out, possibly from a drug overdose. One of the two officers looked inside the woman's purse and determined that a container with cocaine was present, according to the police report. The police then went to the women's bathroom where they found Smith keeping the woman standing up while she vomited into the sink.

At that point, according to the report, one of the officers attempted to talk with the woman, but she only said, "I don't want to be a whore" several times. When asked by the police if he had any relation to the woman, Smith told them that they had done a photo shoot earlier in the day and was helping her. Smith failed to step away from the woman after being asked several times so the medics could help her. As a crowd began to gather by the bathroom, one of the officers moved Smith to the bathroom exit, which led Smith to say, "What the f*** are you gonna do?"

Once outside in the hallway, the police officer told Smith he was under arrest for failure to obey orders. Smith, now complying with the officers, had to sit on the floor until he could be escorted to the police car. When asked for his identification, Smith said, "I'm Jimmy Smith. I play for the Ravens," and told the officers where to find his I.D., according to the report.

When he arrived at the police station to be booked, Smith told the officers that they only arrested him so they could be on the news. "You will see this tomorrow [Sunday] on ESPN," Smith said before being booked and released, the end of the report says. The woman was taken to a local hospital after initial treatment on scene.

As Baltimore Beat Down notes, Smith has had trouble with the law while in college, including third-degree assault and underage drinking citations.

Ray Rice (felony assault), Jah Reid (misdemeanor battery), Deonte Thompson (felony marijuana possession) and Lorenzo Taliaferro (destruction of property, drunk and disorderly) are the other Ravens who have been involved in offseason incidents.

Update: The NFL is not expected to punish Jimmy Smith, per Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun.