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Johnny Manziel, Browns coach talk about rolling up dollar bills

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Drafting Manziel was never going to be quiet, but the Browns are already answering questions about their newest star.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Johnny Manziel brought a buzz to Cleveland when the Browns selected the quarterback in the NFL Draft, but excitement rarely equates to smooth sailing. Head coach Mike Pettine is already having face-to-face meetings with his newest player, this time to discuss a photo that emerged in early July that showed Manziel rolling a $20 bill in a Las Vegas bathroom.

Pettine came away from the conversation satisfied, but hoping the storm around Manziel will quiet when football returns.

"I don't want to get into a (public) discussion of every picture that comes out, but I talked to him about it,'' Pettine told "We anticipate this will quiet down once the season starts. As committed as Johnny is to football, this stuff should not be an issue once camp gets underway.''

The Browns coach continued, saying the team wont have a problem with Manziel's personal life unless it bleeds into training camp and the football season.

Johnny's Popularity

Manziel was a media magnet before being entering the NFL and scrutiny of his off-field behavior has only intensified since being drafted. Pettine answered questions about another incident involving his quarterback, a video that showed a seemingly-inebriated Manziel screaming obscenities into a stack of money he was pretending to use like a phone. The Browns coach said it was his belief the video was old.

Cleveland is scheduled to begin training camp on Sunday and the team will hope the attention will be directed away from Manziel. They'll open camp with Brian Hoyer as the No.1 quarterback, but the rookie will have every opportunity to compete for the starting job.