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The Bengals owner has lost his damn mind

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Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, whatever, maybe that means "until 2015" or -




Colin Kaepernick's contract is worth $126 million over 6 years. Colin Kaepernick is a good quarterback, maybe not $126 million good, but good. Colin Kaepernick has won in the postseason.

Andy Dalton should not receive $126 million over 6 years. Andy Dalton is the kind of quarterback one says one is "developing" and "getting on the same page with" and "trying to avoid murdering in cold blood." Here are Andy Dalton's postseason stats. They are horrific.

The Bengals do not have an indoor practice facility. The Bengals are notoriously cheap. The Bengals allegedly wanted Kaepernick, but decided not to draft him. Now, they would like to give a Kaepernick-like contract to a quarterback who is quite possibly the ginger-headed albatross on a pretty solid offense.

This is a terrible idea.