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Jaguars unveil world's largest scoreboards at EverBank Field

Just how big can a scoreboard be? Pretty big, it turns out!

The Jacksonville Jaguars are off to a big start to training camp, but the biggest news of the month isn't on the field, it's above it. The Jags flipped on the switch to the world's largest scoreboards on Saturday night.

Hey, that sure is a big video board.

The stats: 60 feet high, 362 feet long, 35.5 million LED bulbs. It sits above the north and south end zone of the field, somewhere near the new cabanas and swimming pools the Jaguars and the city installed as part of a $63 million renovation to the field.

It's all part of an ongoing league-wide effort to keep fans coming to NFL stadiums, rather than sitting in the comfort of their own home, spending a lot less money and watching the Red Zone Channel with their family and friends.

In a pinch, you could probably use the Jags' new boards to signal extraterrestrial visitors. And because this is Florida, we'll assume it's only a matter of time before someone sneaks in and watches a homemade adult video on the new screen.

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