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Johnny Manziel is 'right where he should be' at Browns camp

The reports of partying getting in the way of Manziel's work ethic were apparently overblown.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

At the beginning of training camp, a report surfaced that the Cleveland Browns were "alarmed" by how much partying Johnny Manziel had been doing, and that it had impacted his ability to learn the playbook. However, according to Browns coach Mike Pettine, there's nothing to worry about with Manziel's progress.

Manziel was available to talk to the media on Thursday and acknowledged basically what we already knew: The NFL is hard, and he won't be able to make some of the plays he made in college, though he's excited about certain aspects of the game.

That last bit didn't impress our Browns blog, who would like to see Johnny Manziel be Johnny Manziel.

And don't forget about Brian Hoyer, the other quarterback in Cleveland, who the Browns have stood by as the starter. Still, Manziel could earn the job by Week 1.