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Quotables: Khalil Mack 'looking forward' to playing Peyton Manning

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The Raiders rookie has a special hello planned for the Broncos quarterback. Elsewhere around the NFL, Miami Dolphins defensive end Dion Jordan owned up to a failed drug test, RGIII talked about his motives and someone defended Nick Foles from the critics.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
"I'm looking forward to playing against Peyton Manning."

-Khalil MackOakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders rookie outside linebacker Khalil Mack is looking forward to contributing big time in his first year. Mack is expected to see the field early and often, and he's going to earn plenty of playing time. Widely considered the second-best player in the 2014 NFL Draft, behind Jadeveon Clowney, Mack was considered a smart pick for the Raiders.

He's a smart pick because he can get to the quarterback, and one such quarterback in particular was noted by Mack in an interview with the team website on Thursday: Denver Broncos signal caller Peyton Manning. Mack said that he's looking forward to playing against Manning, and that "going against the best quarterback in the game right now is going to be a big deal, especially if you can put him on his back."

"I take full responsibility for the test results."

-Dion Jordan, Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins defensive end Dion Jordan was suspended four games for violating the NFL's policy on performance-enhancing substances. Jordan will miss the first four games of the season, and has accepted full responsibility for his positive test. On top of that, he did the usual thing of apologizing to the team, coaches and fans.

It's worth noting, though, that Jordan admitted to testing positive for "stimulants," which doesn't generally include steroids. He's put on a significant amount of muscle this offseason, leading many to believe he's taking steroids. As Pro Football Talk notes, "stimulants" would generally include something along the lines of Adderall.

"I think this is the year [Nick Foles] blows 'em out."

-LeSean McCoy, Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy is setting a goal of 2,000 yards for next season, but he doesn't think he'll be the only one playing well. McCoy also voiced confidence in quarterback Nick Foles, who solidified himself as the starter going forward after playing well in relief of Michael Vick last season.

McCoy said that Foles wants to get better, and that he's "playing lights-out even in camp," according to Matt Lombardo of McCoy said that he thinks "this is the year he blows 'em out," and the year Foles "blows it away." Foles threw 27 touchdowns against just two interceptions in 13 games last season. He went seven consecutive starts without throwing an interception during a stretch last season.

"There are no ulterior motives. That will be great."

-Robert Griffin III, Washington

Robert Griffin III is looking forward to a season in which everyone is on the same page (and one in which he isn't still feeling the effects of debilitating knee injuries). Grifin said that "everybody in that building is going to be for us being unsuccessful and for us winning" this season, in contrast to last, according to Fox Sports.

That of course implies that not everyone was for that last season, that winning was a secondary goal in some instances. "There are no ulterior motives. That will be great," Griffin said. He's likely referring to the power struggle that took place between Mike Shanahan and owner Dan Snyder. Shanahan was fired this offseason, and he's been replaced by Jay Gruden.