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Robert Griffin III is a bad influence on Johnny Manziel

Johnny's found himself in hot water again, but let's put blame where it's due.

Busted Coverage

PFT Commenter's strong takes are presented as parody. Sorry, not sorry. All spelling errors are intentional, we think. -Ed.

In My Opinion, Browns fans should regard the picture of Johnny Manzeil rolling up money as a postiive I mean when was the last time a Browns QB sniffed anything resembling a goal line from inside a 20?

By the way I had some fun with it last night and called him Johnny "Eightball." No ones aloud to use that joke except me by the way thats my nick name for him and no one else can use it.

The bigger queston we need to ask ourselfs is "if Johnny was using drugs, who sold it to him?", Johnny would never do anything like this on his own it must be one of his nogood friends thats forcing him to make all these bad decisons. Well lookie lookie at who was partying with Mr. Football just before his trip to Vegas- thats right Robert "Sniffin".

Now RG-"Key" is usualy known as a type guy whose more likely to roll up a ACL then a USD, but when a guys career is mostly defined by losing because of a Wounded Knee, its no suprise that he'd influence his friends to desecrate a portrait of Andrew Jackson but thats just my take folks. You think its just a coincidense that Johnny was recently seen partying with a guy from a district of COLUMBIA and then he just magically gets his hands on some coke? Im sorry but if you believe thats just happenstance then you dont know anything about football.

A much more likley explanation is that he was at a strip club so Johnny was most likley being a gentleman and giving the dancer's money that they could imediately stash on there person,, I mean its not like those girls have purses with them onstage. But IF Johnny was actually planning on using the rolled up dollar to play some bump n run then maybe lets put the blame were its deserved: on Robert Griffin. Its funny how you dont hear any people rushing to the side of some one with drugs problem and meanwhile his possible dealer doesnt get any of the blame. Double standard much? But Im not going to sit here and speculate on who might of sold it to him I'll leave that to you all.

Mean while this has been a conventiant distraction from the rest of the criminals on the team I call the Orange is the New Browns. In particular Josh Gordons high speed chase through North Carolina. Say what you want about Manzell but if he had got aressted at least the felon that would of bailed him out would of been a member of his immediate famliy.

It looks like all those comparsons to Drew Brees might of been right on the money- not only are they both short fast-twitch type guys, but now there also the two NFL QBs most likley to be called "Scarface"!!!

But in the future lets try to keep your roll-outs ON the field Johnny, everywere else just keep it in the pocket.