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Keith Olbermann: 'Roger Goodell must resign' over Ray Rice punishment

The ESPN anchor offered a harsh assessment of the NFL commissioner.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Keith Olbermann took to ESPN on Friday night and said Roger Goodell must step down as NFL commissioner following a "tone deaf" news conference explaining the two-game suspension Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice received for a domestic abuse incident this offseason.

"This is enough," Olbermann said. "If there had been some recognition today, some form of acknowledgement for the women fans of the NFL, that this two-game suspension is a virtual attack on them perhaps these following words would not be necessary. But for the sake of the NFL, and more importantly for the sake of those women and all others, all of us in a country in which this is so much more than a mere sports league, it is necessary Mr. Goodell for you to now resign as its commissioner."