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Mark Sanchez doesn't want to be traded to Rams

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The Rams are in need of a reliable arm after Sam Bradford's season-ending injury, but sources say Sanchez has no interest in leaving Philadelphia.

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Jared Wickerham

Chip Kelly said earlier this preseason that his Philadelphia Eagles would listen if teams came calling for backup quarterback Mark Sanchez. It was only natural, therefore, that Sanchez-to-St. Louis trade rumors began whipping around following the news of Sam Bradford's torn ACL.

But Sanchez has no interest in bolting from a reserve job in Philly for a chance to immediately start for the Ramsaccording to a recent report by USA Today. A source with knowledge of Sanchez's thinking said there is "no chance" the quarterback wants to be traded to St. Louis.

Turf Show Times

Of course, Sanchez's desires mean absolutely nothing in this situation -- if the Eagles want to deal him, they will. Still, it's interesting to hear that Sanchez doesn't want a shot at an immediate starting job.

Trading for Sanchez -- who has repaired his post-Jets reputation by going 25 of 31 passing for 281 yards and two touchdowns through three preseason games with the Eagles -- presents problems for the Rams. For starters, it wouldn't be cheap. More importantly, Sanchez would have just two weeks to learn a new system before the regular season begins.

The fact that Sanchez's former offensive coordinator in New York, Brian Schottenheimer, is running the offense in St. Louis would ease the transition, but it would still be tough.

Rams coach Jeff Fisher said Sunday that there have been no trade talks and that he plans on using quarterbacks already on his roster: veteran Shaun Hill and third-year pro Austin Davis.