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Travis Kelce tears away from Bengals defense

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Kelce is a tight end. Tight ends shouldn't be that fast.


Travis Kelce only saw action in one game as a rookie before knee surgery sent him to the injured reserve early in the year. Now in his second year, Kelce is prepped for a breakout season and showed what he can do on Thursday night against the Bengals defense:


That's a tight end. A tight end listed at 6'6, 260 pounds who just outran the entire Cincinnati secondary featuring guys much smaller who should be much faster than Kelce.

Kelce, 24, was a third-round selection of the Chiefs in the 2013 NFL Draft after a productive career with the Cincinnati Bearcats. The 69-yard touchdown reception from Chase Daniel was one of two receptions for Kelce in a high-scoring first half that featured 51 combined points.