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Lions defeat Browns, win a trophy in the process

Who says the NFL preseason is meaningless? The game may not count in the standings, but Detroit's win did land it a trophy.

Diamond Images

With the NFL preseason schedule structured heavily around regional ties, teams tend to play familiar opponents each season. That can lead to a rivalry of sorts, and former Browns president Carmen Policy made things official between the Browns and Lions when he created the Great Lakes Classic. Like any good made-up rivalry game, there is a trophy involved.

This is what the Lions came away with thanks to their 13-12 victory on Saturday:


Photo credit: Diamond Images

The trophy got added to the mix in 2002, although it's unclear if anyone really cares. This story from Jeff Schudel of the Morning Journal in 2009 indicates they don't:

Whether the trophy actually changes hands any more, no one seems to know. Or care. When last seen it was gathering dust on a side table in a conference room at Browns headquarters in Berea.

The Barge Trophy is now Detroit's to keep for the next year ... assuming it wants it.