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Ravens knew what was on Ray Rice video, per report

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The Baltimore Ravens knew what was on the Ray Rice video prior to it's release to the public, according to a report.

The Baltimore Ravens knew that Ray Rice's version of what happened in the Atlantic City, N.J., casino elevator actually matches the video, despite the NFL's maintained statements that it had no idea.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told CBS This Morning that Ray Rice "was ambiguous" about what actually happened in the video that was leaked by TMZ on Monday. The security camera video shows Rice knocking his now-wife, Janay Rice, unconscious and dragging her by her feet. Goodell asserts that what Rice told the NFL in their meeting didn't match up with the video that Goodell later saw.

Ravens head coach Jim Harbaugh declined to speak about what Ray Rice and the team discussed in their meeting about the video previously at his press conference Monday evening.

"(The video) is something we saw for the first time today," Harbaugh said. "It changed things."

Werder's report, however, indicates that the team knew what was on the video prior to it's release to the public.

The Ravens released Ray Rice Monday afternoon, after the video was leaked to the public by TMZ and despite reportedly knowing a version of events that matched what was seen on the tape.