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NFL explains Ray Rice's indefinite suspension in letter to NFLPA

The NFL gave the union notice of Rice's indefinite suspension on Friday. That letter claims that Rice did not provide the NFL with all of the details of the incident during his hearing.

The NFL Players Association received the official letter from the league confirming Ray Rice's indefinite suspension, according to ESPN.

This letter outlines the league's rationale for its decision to change Rice's original two-game suspension to the current one in the wake of the video release by TMZ on Monday showing Rice striking his then-fiancee Janay Palmer and knocking her unconscious in the elevator of the Revel Casino Hotel in Atlantic City.

The league's official explanation to the Players Association about Rice's indefinite suspension offers another important detail in trying to determine how much the NFL and the Ravens knew about what happened in February and how the full video of the assault figured into their decision.

In the letter, commissioner Roger Goodell wrote:

"This video shows a starkly different sequence of events from what you and your representatives stated when we met on June 16, and is important new information that warrants reconsideration of the discipline imposed on you in July.

"Based on this new information, I have concluded that the discipline imposed upon you in July was insufficient under all the circumstances and have determined instead to impose an indefinite suspension."

However, Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome said earlier in the week that Rice did not lie to them about the events that took place. Newsome's statement goes along with a report from ESPN's Outside the Lines, mentioned in the latest ESPN article, that four sources confirmed that Rice did not lie to the league in his recounting of the incident.