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Seahawks vs. Chargers final score: 3 things we learned in San Diego's 30-21 win

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The Chargers beat the Seahawks on Sunday with incredible offensive efficiency and an outstanding day from one of the NFL's all-time great tight ends.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

The San Diego Chargers' offense was deadly efficient Sunday and was able to grind out a massive time of possession advantage on its way to a 30-21 victory over the Seattle Seahawks. Antonio Gates caught three (!) touchdown passes from Philip Rivers in the win.

The Chargers dominated TOP 42:15 to 17:45. That advantage came thanks to incredible third-down efficiency — the Chargers went 10-for-17 on third-down conversions for the game. The biggest mismatch was Gates against the Seahawks' linebacker corps. He had three touchdown receptions on the day as part of a seven-reception, 96-yard day. The third touchdown was a one-handed stab in the end zone to give the Chargers a 27-14 lead.

The Seahawks' offense wasn't bad when it actually got the ball. Russell Wilson was an efficient 17-for-25 passing on the day for 202 yards and two touchdowns. The running game picked up 108 yards at 8.3 yards per carry, though 51 yards came on one touch by Percy Harvin.

The Chargers were too dialed-in for the Seahawks, however. Rivers was 28-for-37 passing for 284 yards and three touchdowns, and one of San Diego's all-time greats was at his best. The defense clamped down when it needed to — the Seahawks lost a yard and gave the ball up on downs on their potential 89-yard game-winning drive with three minutes to go in the game — and the Chargers secured a big Week 2 win.

Three things we learned:

1. Antonio Gates is still Antonio Gates

And don't you forget it. The veteran tight end was supposed to be obsolete by now, replaced by the younger, bouncier Ladarius Green. Gates proved Sunday that if healthy (and that's an important caveat) he is still one of the biggest mismatches in the NFL. And when he is at his best, the Chargers' offense can be dangerous.

2. The Seahawks are still the Seahawks

Despite the loss, let's not overreact. The offense was still good by the numbers — Seattle averaged 7.2 yards per play compared to 5.2 for San Diego. The defense was a disappointment given what we have come to expect from the unit that led the Seahawks to a 2013 title, but it still stymied the Chargers to just 2.9 yards per carry on the ground and held wideouts Eddie Royal and Keenan Allen to quiet games.

Gates was just a difference maker.

3. The Chargers are still the Chargers

If there is any team that could lose Week 1 then bounce back to beat the defending Super Bowl champions it's the Chargers. Inconsistency is coded in their DNA.

Just look at their 9-7 2013 season. Their losses were bad — Texans, Titans, Raiders, Washington, Dolphins — and their wins were solid — Eagles, Colts, Broncos (once), Chiefs (twice).  This team will never do what we expect it to, and we should just accept that.