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Devin Hester's high-stepping, record-breaking punt return in 9 pictures

This is how you break an NFL record in style.

Scott Cunningham

Devin Hester already had a forced fumble, fumble recovery and rushing touchdown against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday night before he made history. Hester broke Deion Sanders' long-standing record for "most return touchdowns" in the second quarter with a 62-yard punt return that put the Atlanta Falcons up, 35-0, and worked the Georgia Dome into a frenzy.

It was the 20th return touchdown of Hester's career, breaking a mark that also included the interceptions Sanders returned to the end zone. The 32-year-old Hester broke down on the sidelines immediately following the score, but not before he high-stepped into the end zone and even earned a taunting penalty for good measure.

In only seven seasons, Hester has now unequivocally become the greatest return man in league history. Here's a look at his record-breaking touchdown in pictures. All images courtesy of Scott Cunningham of Getty Images.

1) Hester breaks free


2) Only the punter to beat


3) High stepping from 20 yards out!


4) Georgia Dome explodes


5) Taking it all in


6) Pay dirt


7) The final pointed Deion tribute


8) Celebration 

9) History


If a GIF is more your speed, we have you covered.