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Eagles-Washington brawl after Nick Foles hurt

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Nick Foles took a blindside hit from Washington defensive lineman Chris Baker at the end of a near interception. What followed was the biggest brawl of the NFL season so far.

Jason Peters ran to his quarterback's aid, and soon both teams were locking horns on the sideline. Referees were trying to get control of the situation, demanding both sides return to their benches. It took almost a minute for the dust to settle, all while Foles was laying on the field been seen to by trainers.

The end result of the play was Baker and Peters being ejected from the game, an incomplete pass and the Eagles taking over on second down. Essentially this entire blowup, fight and two players leaving were all for nothing.

Emotions have been high in this NFC East matchup and these fireworks will make the next game between these sides a must-watch.