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NFL players have until Nov. 1 to resolve DUI cases

The grace period for the league's new DUI policy will end in roughly a month, giving additional time for players like Le'Veon Bell to avoid two-game suspensions.

Jared Wickerham

Le'Veon Bell has just over one month to get his DUI case resolved or he'll face a mandatory two-game suspension. The NFL has informed player agents that Nov. 1 is the date that the new DUI policy will take effect, according to Tom Pelissero of USA TODAY Sports.

Harsher discipline for DUI violations was one of the headliners of the league's recent drug policy makeover. Whereas first-time offenders were often let off without suspension in the past, they'll now face a minimum two-game ban. Part of the deal with the players union, however, was that the league provide a grace period to allow players currently facing charges to rectify their cases before the new punishment was implemented.

The most notable name on that list is Bell, the Pittsburgh Steelers running back who was arrested in late August. Bell was also charged with marijuana possession during that arrest, which could still result in a one-game suspension regardless of the DUI case.

Josh Gordon pled guilty to DUI charges last week in an attempt to avoid additional punishment, though Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports Gordon could still be suspended for that arrest based on his history of substance-abuse violations.