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Reggie McKenzie next up on the hot seat for Raiders

Raiders owner Mark Davis said the team's performance for the duration of the 2014 season will determine McKenzie's status.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders held a press conference Tuesday afternoon to introduce interim head coach Tony Sparano, and after the typical "we'll get better" talk from the new coach, much of the discussion shifted to the fate of GM Reggie McKenzie.

Raiders owner Mark Davis spoke at length following the presser, making it clear that the results during the rest of the season will determine the GM's fate.

McKenzie's first act as general manager was to hire the recently fired Dennis Allen, putting the pressure now squarely on the shoulders of McKenzie to turn the franchise around. The Raiders were 8-28 during Allen's tenure, the second-worst record in the league since 2012, and are riding the NFL's longest current losing streak at 10 games.

One of the more cryptic comments from Davis was that he believes the Raiders' cap situation should be attractive to a coaching candidate. The GM is typically the person within the organization who is responsible for handling the salary cap, so the fact that Davis connects the coach with the cap is perhaps a subtle way of saying he doesn't expect the current GM to be involved in those personnel decisions.

Ultimately, when Davis was asked if McKenzie had done a good job, his response was that "we'll find out... gotta win." That sounds pretty much like a general manager on the hot seat, and based on the winless Raiders' pathetic performance so far this season, McKenzie might want to start updating his resume before the winter.