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NFL picks and predictions 2014: Jaguars vs. Eagles

Opening the season on the road without much of a defense or offense? Yeah, the Jaguars don't stand much of a chance against the Eagles.

Al Bello

If you ask the SB Nation panel of experts, they'll tell you Jacksonville has no chance Sunday, considering the Eagles are a unanimous choice to beat the lowly Jaguars.

As far as Week 1 picks go, this one might be the easiest. Philadelphia and its high-powered offense -- led by quarterback Nick Foles and running back LeSean McCoy -- are looking to overpower the Jaguars, who are starting Chad Henne over rookie Blake Bortles.

Week 1 Ryan Van Bibber Stephen White Joel Thorman Matt Ufford David Fucillo Danny Kelly PFT Commenter

Of course, no matchup is a guarantee in the NFL, and the Jaguars could very well be better this season, but they just don't have enough of an offense to get into a shootout with the Eagles. And not only is Jacksonville pretty much decimated at the wide receiver position, its defense isn't much better, either.

The experts at CBS and Yahoo! Sports agree, too, as they made the Eagles a unanimous choice across the board.