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College QB Julian Edelman burns Ravens on trick play for TD on first career NFL pass

The college quarterback finally got to use his arm in an NFL game -- and it came on a pretty big stage.

Just about once a week, we hear that Patriots receiver Julian Edelman played QB in college for Kent State. But the Patriots drafted him as a wide receiver, and he's been a wide receiver his whole NFL career, never attemptiong a pass. Until Saturday:

The play worked to perfection, as Danny Amendola was wiiiiiiiiiiiiide open, and Edelman hit him for a 51-yard TD to tie the score at 28.


You wonder how long the Pats were keeping this one under wraps before busting out the trick play at a crucial moment in a playoff game.

FWIW, here are Edelman's college passing stats -- he was more of a runner, but completed 54.5 percent of his passes for 4,997 yards in three years at KSU.