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Kam Chancellor jumps the Panthers' line on FG attempt -- twice!

1. Graham Gano attempts a half-ending field goal for the Panthers. Kam Chancellor jumps the line perfectly, but somehow doesn't get a hand on the ball, which sails through the uprights:


HOWEVER, the offense is called for a false start and has to retake it.

2. Gano attempts the field goal again, and evidently the Panthers didn't change a thing about their snap count, because Chancellor makes a perfect jump AGAIN. This time, the kick goes wide:


HOWEVER, Chancellor's called for running into the kicker, which wouldn't have been a penalty if he'd tipped the ball, but refs determined he'd somehow missed for a second time.

3. Gano gets a third try and buries it with no resistance from Chancellor:

Three points for Carolina, two very cool moves by Chancellor that didn't count for anything.

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