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Peyton Manning mulling future, possible retirement

Peyton Manning was non-committal when asked what his future in the NFL looks like following Denver's loss to the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday.

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning isn't sure if he'll be back in the NFL next season. The 17-year NFL veteran has just been eliminated from the playoffs at the hands of the Indianapolis Colts, and when asked about his future in the league said that he needs time to "digest this game first," according to Ben Volin of The Boston Globe.

Manning, 38, said prior to the start of these playoffs that he would like to return next season. It's unclear if another playoff ousting has increased or decreased his chances of returning at this point. Emotions are obviously at their highest point after the loss, in which Manning didn't play particularly well.

With two years left on his contract and with a stat line that hasn't exactly declined in recent years (the Broncos set multiple NFL records on offense a season ago), Denver obviously would want Manning back. They'd go from being Super Bowl contenders to panic mode pretty quickly if Manning decided on retiring.

Whatever the case, Manning needs some time to mull things over and that's understandable. With a Super Bowl ring, a Super Bowl MVP, 14 Pro Bowls, 10 All-Pro nominations and multiple records to his name, it's not as though he has anything left to prove.