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Earl Thomas questions Aaron Rodgers' whiteness

Goes both ways.

Editor's note: PFT Commenter's strong takes are presented as satire. Sorry, not sorry. All spelling errors are intentional. We think.

Championship Sunday is upon us, and all eyes are being turned to Seattle where the Green Bay Packers and Seadderall Seahawks will matchup in a NFC Championship for the ages. Matter fact I call them the Seattle SeaFawkes because there a bunch of Anonymous guys who facemasked and basicaly hacked the rulebook last year.

Ahead of any big game theres going to be some trash talking, but Earl Thomas- the all-pro FS for Seattle- took things way too far in yetserdays press conference when he was asked about Packers' QB Aaron Rodgers:

"You don't really see a lot of quarterbacks of his skin color with soul like that," Thomas said. "I like it."

That son of a bitch.

Folks the same team that questoned Russell Wilsons blackness is now questoning Aaron Rodgers whiteness and there way out of bounds. I'll say it to you this way- the man literaly appears in commercals for car insurance with Kevin Nealon, the only way he could get any Whiter is if he helped organize a Dane Cook concert at a liberal arts universty.

On the surface theres nothing wrong with what Thomas said but on farther reflection there is a huge obvious problem with it. Sure its a complement- but Im offended by the fact that I woudnt be allowed to be offended by it if I was offended by it. If I said that like, Im impressed by the fact that Earl Thomas dosent have a illegal exhaust system on his car, I would be called a racist even though Im not offended by it when he completemented Aaron Rogers. Goes both ways.

The ironic thing is that the media hasnt said a word about it probably. Wheres the outrage that Im assuming dosent exist? Can you imagine what would happen if a White QB was asked about Earl Thomas and repsonded by comparing him to Adam Archuleta? Thered be riots all across the globe. Same thing. Point blank- its not fair that Im not offended by this.

But all these race hustlers are forgetting that if Rodgers can beat Russell Wilson this weekend, he has the opportunity to rewrite the history books. He would become the modern day Joe Montana- a true racial barrier breaker who was the first White QB to win a Superbowl after a Black QB won one.

Ive notice a disturbing trend in our society. People are allways trying to question white peoples whiteness. First its revisionist Historians and "gotcha" anthropoligists claming that Jesus wasnt white despite the fact that Italians have painted him as a white person ever since 500 years after his death. Now there coming for Aaron Rogers. Next thing you know I'll have hipster lib racebaters trying to tell me that Peyton and Eli are brothers.

Sure, Aaron might have "soul," but when you think about it, isnt "soul" the ulimate intangible? As I allways say, White Jesus himself was the first coaches son, and his intangibles quite literaly came across very a parent. Matter fact they probly crucified him to keep him from slapping the floor in defense when they were trying to arrest him. Therefore its high time that White people took back the word "soul" instead of just allowing other races to use it as a complement that we're not offended by. The fact is "soul" is probably a original White word anyways because when you think about it all the best soul music has been from trailblazers like the Bee Gees and Pat Boone.

And lets all ask ourselves What Would Jesus Do? He'd certanly be a Packers fan this weekend folks. Because not only did Earl Thomas play the racecar, but then he went on to insinuiate that Aaron Rogers was faking his calf injury!

Kind of ironic that after putting his foot in his mouth, its doubting Thomas who dosen't have a leg to stand on.