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Peyton Manning drops out of Pro Bowl

The Broncos' quarterback is contemplating retirement while dealing with a quad injury that plagued him down the stretch of the season.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

While Peyton Manning contemplates whether to retire or return for his 18th NFL season, the All-Pro quarterback has made one decision. The Denver Broncos' signal caller will not be playing in this year's Pro Bowl, according to The Denver Post.

Manning will miss next weekend's all-star game because of the torn quadriceps he suffered in Week 15 at San Diego. This is a first for Manning, who has never turned down a Pro Bowl selection unless he was in the Super Bowl.

In fact, Manning has rarely had an injury this severe he was dealing with by the time the annual all-star game was played. But Manning, who holds the record for Pro Bowl quarterback nods, still appreciates being chosen:

"It's a great honor to be selected to the Pro Bowl, and I've always taken the obligation to play in it very seriously," Manning told The Denver Post. "I've believed that, if healthy, it's a player's responsibility to play in the game because of what it means to be voted in by your peers and the fans.

"I'm disappointed that I'm just not healthy enough this year to be part of it. It's going to be tough not being down there with the other guys, but it hasn't had enough time to heal."

The 14-time Pro Bowl selection suffered the injury three weeks before the playoffs began. Even with a first-round bye, the injury clearly limited him in Denver's 24-13 playoff loss against the Indianapolis Colts. Manning has given no indication when he'll decide if that was his final game in Denver.