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Richard Sherman is playing with one arm against the Packers

The Seahawks may be without Richard Sherman down the stretch Sunday after the corner injured his arm trying to tackle James Stark.

The Seattle Seahawks are in the midst of a comeback attempt against the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship despite a long list of things that have gone wrong for them in this game. Making things that much tougher for the Seahawks, cornerback Richard Sherman has been forced to play the last quarter of the game with just one arm. The Seattle cornerback injured his left arm while trying to tackle running back James Starks, getting it stuck between Starks and Kam Chancellor.

No information about the nature of Sherman's injury was available.

Incredibly enough, Sherman stayed in the game, keeping his left arm pulled up to his side the entire time. In between plays, the cameras found Sherman wincing. Seattle's offense couldn't manage to stay on the field for very long, denying Sherman and the rest of the defense a chance to catch their breath. At one point, trainers had Sherman's arm wrapped in a sling on the sideline.

Amazingly enough, the Packers still didn't target Sherman much in this game, even after he was injured. A one-armed Richard Sherman may not be a shutdown corner, but he's still got an edge over a lot of other corners in the NFL.

Sherman has been one of the Seahawks' few bright spots on the day, intercepting Aaron Rodgers in the end zone on the Packers' opening possession of the game. The Seahawks have held the Packers to a field goal four times near the end zone, keeping a struggling offense within striking distance of getting back in the game.

The Seahawks have depth in the secondary, but there is good reason why Sherman is considered perhaps the best corner in the game.